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I think it’s safe to say that one of my ultimate favorite things to do is travel. When I was asked to go to Vegas for a huge work convention last week I instantly said YES! I mean let’s be real who wouldn’t. Vegas has always been one of those places I’ve heard so much about and have always wanted to visit, but have never actually taken the time to go to.


I have to say that everything I have heard is true. It is just as shiny and fabulous as everyone makes it out to be. Don’t get me wrong it’s over crowded, expensive, and you’ll find yourself surround by lots of rude asses, but if you can get passed all that believe me you will have a blast! All the lights and signs make you feel like it’s straight out of a musical.


The hotels are so gorgeous, the food is freaking DELICIOUS and the slot machines, well... let’s just say I can see how people can find a gambling addiction in Vegas lol


The 4 main things I would reccomend to anyone heading to Vegas would be to 


1. Bring cash! The atms will charge $10 to take cash out and you’ll want to use those elsewhere trust me. 


2. Bring comfy shoes!!!! This is for sure one of the most important. Sneakers are a must if you are planning to walk around.

3. Don’t pay for a taxi, use Uber or the bus to get to places. If your feet aren’t swollen and blistered (I didn’t bring comfy shoes ugh) walk.


4. Plan ahead. There is so much to see and do once in Vegas that making sure to plan your time accordingly will ensure you get to see and do the majority of the stuff you NEED to do once in Vegas.


Unfortunately since I was working for the majority of the day the whole time I was their I wasn’t able to experience Vegas to the fullest. I am already planning on heading back this year and hopefully getting to do everything I wasn’t able to.


The drive up was so beautiful. Exhausting but non the less beautiful. I do recommend flying if you can unless you are planning on stopping between cities or if you have a comfortable car with some good leg room to stretch out. All in all, Vegas was a great experience and I am deff planning on heading back this year! If you haven’t been, you need to go!


Things have been GREAT | Lifestyle Blogger

How is it October already! This year has just flown by wow. Two weeks until the hubbies birthday, and 3/4 weeks until Halloween my favorite holiday EVER!!! Oh and a month and 1 week until my 29th birthday lol

Guys can you believe it’s almost the end of the year?! I still can’t. Usually I feel like the year usually goes by pretty fast especially if you are busy, but this year, this year just fucking flew by in the blink of an eye.  

Yesterday after school (which by the way I had a test that had me stressed out lol) me and the hubby were sitting down thinking about how it will be officially 1yr that we have been living in our little townhouse by ourselves. No room mates, no family, just us and the fur babes. It’s been wonderful and has really strengthened our relationship and has helped us grow immensely!  

This year in general has been a year of many changes. I have started to see a therapist again and got back on meds for my anxiety and depression and can say I’m feeling better. We got our own place, adopted new fur babies, I started school again which I am loving and I’m so proud of myself for doing, and the hubby got a promotion at work!  

Lately things have honestly been so wonderful that I wake up and feel like it’s not real. Is that normal? Usually their is some sort of drama going on in my life or I’m so overly stressed I can’t function. But lately things have been so freaking good! I mean GREAT! I am feeling very happy as of late and very secure in my relationship that I have just been feeling inspired again! Finally I know lol  

I wanted to also update you guys on my hair. So..... I dyed it again lol I went back to my deep red mix I sported for quite a few years. It feels really good to have this color right now!!! I think changing your hair when you have a change within yourself is super therapeutic and I’m so up for anything that makes me feel good inside. 

Work has been better and life in general just seems to be fitting into place. I’m such s strong believer in when it’s time god will make sure all the pieces are fitting perfectly into place. I really think god is guiding good things our way and I’m so grateful! My heart has been so full lately and I just wanted to let you all know about it :) Well guys I will have an outfit post up this week so keep an eye out for that! Have a great weekend guys!

Weight loss Journey - Its been a while| Lifestyle blogger

Hey lovelies! The past few weeks have been insane. Exhaustion has officially set in and I am pretty much out of it and on cruise control the whole time. As most of you know I started school a few weeks ago and although I absolutely love it, having even less time to myself has been a struggle. I have no idea how someone with kiddos, a home, a full time job and school can do it! You guys are seriously super heros!!! 

I've been trying my best to really manage my time and life in general but I don't feel like I have it as together as others do lol I'm still trying to figure it all out and get all the pieces to fit perfectly. If you guys have any tips I would appreciate it so much! So leave those down below and I will read them all :)  

Now on to the update! 

Ill be honest guys, the past few weeks I haven't been on track with my weightloss. I haven't been eating as well as I should. I haven't been working out and I've been late night snacking(I know I know). Even after all of that I Some how miraculously lost 3 lbs! I don't see it lol. But I'm glad I've at least lost something even though I haven't been doing as well as I should. 

Now I have been late night snacking like I mentioned but in my defense it's mostly healthy stuff lol I mean not always but usually it is! My guilty please is baby tomatoes with Italian ranch dipping sauce. Omg so yummy! I'm addicted to baby tomatoes in general I can eat those things like candy!  

¿what are some of your favorite healthy snacks? 

Some of my ultimate favorite healthy late night snacks are: 

  • Baby tomatoes (now and forever) 
  • watermelon  
  • grapes
  • carots  
  • coconut granola  
  • pepper jack cheese  
  • peanut butter  

Watermelon I would have to say is pretty high on my list of favorites because it's so refreshing and filling. I am known to go a while without drinking water which I know is really bad but I'm so forgetful. Honestly I probably wouldn't eat either if I didn't have a designated time for breakfast and lunch. I literally forget to eat and forget I'm hungry. I know it's bad! 

Watermelon fills me while also offering me some much needed hydration. 

Yummy & healthy you can't beat it

All these snacks are good for you and will help get rid of your cravings while avoiding those No, No,  snacks. I think although I have slipped and eaten junk food I think my snack options as well as my breakfast and such have helped with the weight loss.  

Well hello sun

On top of all that I also strongly believe that sun has contributed quite a bit. I try to get some sun especially on weekends to help me get some natural vitamin C and pick me up. I have a lovely little flower garden that has seriously gotten so beautiful that I just love to water. That time outside makes me feel a 100x better. I water and add new flowers here and their. Sun is so amazing for you. I'm not telling you to stand outside and cook in the sun. But some sun is healthy not only for your physical health but mental as well. It will help give you natural vitamins that your body needs to feel healthy and energized. 

"Try getting a little sun this weekend and see how you feel" 

Overall I am so excited and happy I've lost more weight! I am going to start tracking my meals again because I stopped for a couple weeks and hopefully get some work out sessions into my crazy schedule. Tune in for more blog posts this week including a fashion post!

>>Have a wonderful day xoxo<<



Back to School & loving it| Lifestyle Blog

Life has been hectic lately. One of the things that has added to my already crazy schedule has been school. Although it has left me beyond busy, I have to say I absolutely love it! 


I never realized how much I missed school until I started college again. It has been so rewarding. I feel like I'm accomplishing something and actually getting my sh*t together! 


Let me put it like this, I get out of class and go to tutoring for 2 hours sometimes even more. After tutoring I get home eat dinner, shower, than sit on the couch and study for 1-2 hours. I get into bed around 11:45-12. I'm tired to say the least, but honestly it has been so wonderful to learn again!  


Im still working full time which is hard because I want to be able to take more classes, which unfortunately I'm unable to because of my schedule. I'm hoping that once my car is paid off I'll be able to cut down on my work hours and focus more on school. If you are on the fence about returning to school don't be! Seriously don't be scared, you are never too old to go back. Take the leap and enroll. Even if it's just one class, trust me it'll make you feel wonderful! Once you take that step it'll be easier to keep pushing yourself to more classes and on to bigger and better things. If you guys have any questions don't be shy to ask. I am always happy to help :) 

Life, Anxiety + Updates| Lifestyle Blog

This past month and a half has been so insane. My anxiety has been ridick and to top it off, my mom got into a horrible car accident this past week. It was honestly the scariest moment.

I have been at my moms everyday,  cooking, cleaning, and helping her as much as I can. It's taken up most of my time and honestly I don't mind what so ever. If you know me you know I love my mom beyond words. I would do anything for her. If she needs me I run without question. 

She is my bestie<3

Work has also been getting in the way. Have you ever had a job that you hate so so SO much that it drains you? If it wasn't for the fact that we need the money I honestly would of left ages ago. It is no ones dream job lol I mean if it is, than homie you aren't dreaming big enough lol

No ones dream job... 

 My days have been pretty preoccupied. I've been itching to blog and to get some content up but by the time I get home from a full day I'm so exhausted! Guys I've been going to bed mad early. Like 10 early! I usually go to bed between 1 and 3 lol so that's pretty early for me!

Did someone say college? 

I also just recently enrolled in college! I am beyond extatic and can not wait to get back to school. It has been yearsssss since I was in school and feel it has been something I've been procrastinating on for way too long! I was needing and wanting to enroll again and get myself back to who I was.

I feel so much dumber. NO SERIOUSLY 

I realized that I had forgotten so much and needed to get back in the game and start building myself up again.

All in all, I have had quite a few things going on within a short period of time. It's been overwhelming and I have been trying my best to manage it all. I'm hoping to get back to blogging on my usual schedule and start pushing out more posts :) I miss it and miss all your lovely comments and encouragement! 

Till next time my friends! I'll talk to you soon!