Oh SNAP!!!

Holy Moly talk about stunning! A few weeks ago I went to a huge vintage fair in Glen Rose. It was tons of fun and ran for a pretty awesome 3 days. Over all it was ok but one of the amazing vendors "Gypsyfirefly" was by far the winner of them all! I purchased 3 amazing pieces in perfect vintage condition and I am ecstatic! Those vintage loving curvy gals out their know the struggles of finding cute pieces in larger sizes. They all tend to run very small and well most of the time the large pieces out their are bland "insert blah face" lol. But on Friday the first day of the show I got beyond lucky and ran into the 3 lovely ladies who made up "Gspsyfirefly" I was pretty much swooning over every piece, 2 already draped on my arm. But once I got to the very end I ran into the show stopper of SHOW STOPPERS! The peanut butter to my jelly "lets take a second of silence" A gorgeous, absolutely breath taking, 1950s night gown in absolutely perfect condition! I literally gasped and didn't even think twice about that puppy it was mine!  I got home and draped that gorgeousness on my mannequin and decided to take some snaps. Its been pretty fantastic living in an area so full of antique shops and antique fairs. Small towns are always the best and this move has been so refreshing. As I sit here about to watch Cabaret watching my pups and pig McLovin play outside I realize why moments like these are so so so important. I promised myself I would make a visible effort to live in the moment more, enjoy life and put full effort into blogging even the most mondane of things. WHY? Well because it makes me happy and its something ive been wanting to do for forever but life got in the way. But nope not anymore! So everyone out their you'll be reading more of my randomness! Friday is upon us!!! Till next time dolls <333