Semi back!!!

So I recently got a snapchat after my beautiful friend Lynn asked me about a million times lol I kept forgetting to make one and we'll finally jumped on it! Anyways all I do is post videos of my fluffs lol mostly my pig mclovin who is the cutest little fattie ever! Lord am I obsessed with him lol I literally watch my snaps over and over because he's just so darn cute! On a top note I'm feeling much better and super inspired. Have a few things coming up soon that I'm very excited about and will hopefully be getting up sooner than later lol it's been scorching hot in Texas and well were literally being cooked when ever we walk outside but hey lol I can't wait for the cooler wheather and that smell of burning wood! Snuggling with all my fluffs and my little man! Today's been a blah day at the always boring day job but it's been a calm day which is always much needed. Anyways if you haven't added me on snap chat you should :p (zarah1110) see you later dolls!