Canon 5D Mark Iv!!!

The long awaited release of the obviously amazing canon 5D Mark Iv has finally been announced! Holy crap! So I'm pretty behind when it comes to the camera game. My last camera purchase was back when the lovely 6D was released. Let me just say that I loved the 6D but once I purchased it I came to realize that for me it was just lacking too many focal points for my particular liking. Once I heard they were coming out with the Mark IV I was flipping my shit! For one more than enough focal points! This camera is going to be a huge game changer for many people offering some pretty all around amazing specs. Best Buy is taking pre orders already and with the price tag coming in at about $3500 I hope you're ready to dish out a good penny. I'm hoping to pick one up in the near future, I'll be honest once the price tag goes down a bit. For me someone who has to stay at a budget and doesn't have enough to be splurging on the current unnecessary things many people do, I feel waiting is the best. If I don't currently NEED it, it can deff wait. But if you have the funds and are looking for something amazing and pretty much the only work horse you'll need for probably a LONG LONG time than I'd say jump on this little piece of amazingness. It's like finding a damn unicorn! Pink unicorn but you have like 3 in the stables but hey you have an open spot so why not? What am I even saying?! What ever you get what I'm saying lol Anyways guys this baby will begin shipping out in September and I'm hoping I'll be able to get my hand on one in the near future!