Things have been GREAT | Lifestyle Blogger

How is it October already! This year has just flown by wow. Two weeks until the hubbies birthday, and 3/4 weeks until Halloween my favorite holiday EVER!!! Oh and a month and 1 week until my 29th birthday lol

Guys can you believe it’s almost the end of the year?! I still can’t. Usually I feel like the year usually goes by pretty fast especially if you are busy, but this year, this year just fucking flew by in the blink of an eye.  

Yesterday after school (which by the way I had a test that had me stressed out lol) me and the hubby were sitting down thinking about how it will be officially 1yr that we have been living in our little townhouse by ourselves. No room mates, no family, just us and the fur babes. It’s been wonderful and has really strengthened our relationship and has helped us grow immensely!  

This year in general has been a year of many changes. I have started to see a therapist again and got back on meds for my anxiety and depression and can say I’m feeling better. We got our own place, adopted new fur babies, I started school again which I am loving and I’m so proud of myself for doing, and the hubby got a promotion at work!  

Lately things have honestly been so wonderful that I wake up and feel like it’s not real. Is that normal? Usually their is some sort of drama going on in my life or I’m so overly stressed I can’t function. But lately things have been so freaking good! I mean GREAT! I am feeling very happy as of late and very secure in my relationship that I have just been feeling inspired again! Finally I know lol  

I wanted to also update you guys on my hair. So..... I dyed it again lol I went back to my deep red mix I sported for quite a few years. It feels really good to have this color right now!!! I think changing your hair when you have a change within yourself is super therapeutic and I’m so up for anything that makes me feel good inside. 

Work has been better and life in general just seems to be fitting into place. I’m such s strong believer in when it’s time god will make sure all the pieces are fitting perfectly into place. I really think god is guiding good things our way and I’m so grateful! My heart has been so full lately and I just wanted to let you all know about it :) Well guys I will have an outfit post up this week so keep an eye out for that! Have a great weekend guys!