High Fashion & a Laundromat| DFW, TX

Man it's been one of those weeks. This week has been insane, I have been so busy and stressed and haven't been feeling all that great. My knee has been feeling worse and worse everyday and now at night I toss and turn trying to find a spot where I'm comfortable and it's not throbbing. I need to get it checked but I hate going to the doctor it gives me the worst anxiety! On a top note I had one of the funnest (pretty sure that's not an actual word) shoots I've had in ages this past weekend. It was absolutely kick ass! I colabed with a super talented designer and two drop dead gorgeous models. We seriously were a pretty sick team let me tell you. I've been trying to have at least one passion project a week. Something I absolutely am crazy about. This was definitely one. Shane at Anne's was kewl and let us shoot at his laundry mat and after we got some amazing shots their, we went down and shot at a few different spots in the area. The best thing about living in a small town are spots that haven't been overly photographed at. Mainly because this area doesn't have many fashion photographers, which I'll be honest I'm glad Lol :P every time I have a passion project I get this need to go on an adventure or start painting again. I haven't told anyone but I've already been getting the let's move itch. I don't have the nickname gypsy for nothing! My dream is to one day own a Mobile tiny house and travel with my fur babies and hubby. Just go on adventures everyday photographing beautiful things and pinning memories into my mental board. Well it's late and I have to go into my day job tomorrow unfortunately, and god knows I need sleep lol well till next time guys!!!