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Yesterday I met up with the beautiful Yasmina at my fave spot, The Art District. She is a super talented Fashion blogger out of Dallas Texas with one killer fashion sense! It was one scorching day and I was not feeling all that well to be honest, but regardless this shoot was killer! We shot at a couple spots one being Stock & Barrel Americana Kitchen which its safe to say I'm obsessed with. The owner is such a kewl dude and let us shoot in front as well as inside his amazing restaurant. Guys please please please go check it out its a great spot to chill, drink and of course eat. If you aren't following Yasmina yet make sure and do that now you'll love her! All insta handles are below give them a like and a follow :)

Yasminas website

Her insta: @dresswelltraveoften_

Stock & Barrel Kitchen Americanas Website

Their Facebook

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