Tomato Soup & Oldies| Texas foodie

Man do I love to cook. I am no chef but I can deffinetly throw it down in the kitchen. One of my ultimate favorite meals to make for me and the family is home made creamy tomato soup. It's a crowd favorite in my home. My mom, brother and step dad, as well as hubby love for me to make it. When I do you know the fam is heading over to my house for dinner lol I find cooking to be super therapeutic.

For someone like me who struggles with major anxiety and depression, anything that can take my mind off of the craziness in my head is a gift. Cooking takes me somewhere else.

I usually cook and listen to my favorite tunes, which is always my vintage vinyls. 9/10 times it's Dinah Washington. I beyond adore her, her music speaks to my soul!!! Music all on its own is therapy, it's an escape from the bullshit one struggles with on a daily. Than add something like cooking to the mix and some yummy wine and you are in a great head space. I love food and I love to cook which means my food usually comes out pretty darn delish if I much say so myself lol Today's dinner, home made creamy tomato soup and some french bread. Mmm mmm mmm yummy!  

Also linked below a similar Recipe from mine.

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This wine is not only delicious but cheap!  Guys you can get this for $5-$8 depending on where you shop. I highly recommend H-E-B they have it the cheapest!

You can find it HERE



Dinah Washington! You can find her albums when you get lucky at antique shops or shops where they carry vinyls. Mine are all vintage finds. But you can order online some newer stock and vintage albums at Amazon as well as  Half Priced books. With HPB you need to go into the store because they have a lot of stock that is not listed online just keep that in mind :) 

Let me know below what is your favorite thing to cook at home and what you usually jam to while cooking! Also whats another yummy wine? Always open to reccomendations lol