Weight loss journey| DFW, TX

The past year and a half has been a rough one. My anxiety and Depression have been at an all time high. When we moved to Granbury a year ago I honestly thought it would be a great move, and at first it was. But as time went on we realized it was a bit of a mistake to leave Miami in many ways. Before the move I was of course anxious and depressed, my usual. Something I've struggled with my whole life. Little by little I saw myself gaining weight. In the past 2 years I've gained 40lbs! I am the biggest I have ever been in my entire life and it doesn't feel good. Although I love my body regardless, I feel super unhealthy. I decided last week that I needed to kick start myself and get back on a weight loss regimen. Eating healthier, watching my calorie intake, and working out. Me and my mom have been sticking to it (we are doing this together). I am so grateful I have her to push me on the days I'm not feeling it and that we are able to motivate each other. Well today I weighed myself at the gym since it's been a week exactly. Well I have lost 4lbs!!!! I am so proud of myself for pushing through. This has me even more determined to keep up with it. I know 4lbs might not seem like a lot to some, but to me it's a huge accomplishment. I'm going to be posting once a week about my weighloss journey and document where I'm at and how far I've gone. I'll also be linking to videos I have found are a huge help! I go to the gym (The YMCA) but I also work out at home! 9/10 times I watch videos by Blogilates! Guys I loveeeee her! She is so bomb! Her work outs are intense but fun and she seriously makes you feel like she cares about you and your goal to a healthier life. Yesterday I did two of her short work outs and let me tell you I'm feeling it today lol (actually you always feel them the next day lol) if you guys haven't watched her over on YouTube please do! I can not tell you guys how great her work outs are and how good they make you feel. It'll burn and you'll be sweating like a maniac but you'll see results. Here's to next week and to hopefully losing some more weight! If you guys are also on a weight lose journey, comment below what you have found works best for you and if you guys also like to work out at home to YouTube videos :) Good luck guys, I believe in you!


Blogilates| Arms + Abs

Blogilates| Waist Shaper