Florals are in| Stylish in Texas

Yesterday was a pretty good day overall! I revamped my whole website with the help of my amazing best friend Casey.  I feel a million times better about it now :) Had an amazing dinner with the hubs and step dad and even got some time in to read a little and get a little outfit of the day in. I was wearing some leggings earlier with this adorable mustard floral shirt(I wear it as a dress) and some flats. I personally prefer to wear it as a dress since it's pretty long and lose on me. I went up quite a few sizes so I could get the dress affect which I love! it is super thin and light weight, which is a must in this Texas heat. You guys will never guess how much I paid for it. Go ahead take a guess! Mmmm I bet you didn't get it right lol I paid a whole whopping......0.89 cents for it! I purchased it at our local rue21 which was actually closing down and had everything on clearance. The last day, they had a big rack full of 3X shirts that were super cute! Now on me they are too big as a shirt but as a dress they work perfectly!!! I got this beautiful mustard floral shirt as well as an all black one with gold zipper details. Super CUTE. Just because something is too big doesn't mean you can't wear it in a different way :) 

Rue21 currently has the same shirt on sale for $12.34!

You can find it HERE