Weight loss Journey-Week #2| DFW,Texas

Alright guys so Yesterday marked week #2 on my weight loss journey. I'm a bit disappointed because I haven't lost or gained any weight. Everyone keeps telling me not to be upset, you have weeks you lose and weeks you stay the same. I guess this week is my stay the same week! I'm going to go harder this week and hopefully next week I will lose something. I've been sticking to counting my calories and have been doing great except for the weekend when I went over a little (we went out and I had a margarita) I keep track of my calories as well as jot down my work outs on LOSE IT.  I love this app. It honestly helps you keep track of everything and stay on the right path. Currently I'm using the free version, but you can upgrade for a few dollars a month and get tons of extra options! With the app you can jot all your daily meals and exercise which is great. You can also do challenges, interact with other people through the social tab, find work out videos, and recipes and so much more! The other great thing is you can link it to your smartwatch/ cellphone and transfer all your steps to the apt itself. It is so versatile and offers you so many tools to keep track of your weightloss. If you are trying to lose weight like me, I highly reccomend you download this apt and try it out. I'm pretty sure you'll love it! Well guys, Wednesday I'll have another update. Here's to staying on track!