Weightloss Journey| Week 3

Today marks week 3 of my weightloss journey. I'm excited to say I lost 3 pounds! I didn't think I had since I've been eating remotely bad but I did!

>>Three more lbs down! <<

Tomorrow we head out to New Mexico and I'm going to keep track of calories and maybe work out at the hotel gym when we get back from our activities for the day.  

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My mom also got back today from Miami and told me I looked thinner which is nice. I have a very, very, long way to go, but I'm excited I have stuck to it. Well guys I'll be back to checking in on my usual wednesdays starting the following week :) 

>>Losing weight is hard & takes determination<< 

Thank you to everyone who has been following my weightloss journey and who have offered me such supportive word! 

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