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Hey guys! Today I received my Coco Smile U.K. Order! I have been so excited and patiently waiting to receive it in the mail. This thing came fast. I mean super fast! 


With your order you receive your powder mix as well as a eco friendly bamboo toothbrush.  

As soon as I got it I couldn't help but take it right out of the box and get to brushing! Their are a few things I would like to note (all positive)  


Let's break it down! 

  1. How easy it is to use. I love how it is a to the point product.
  2. Great tasting! A lot of activated charcoal powders promise great results but they taste terrible. This has a wonderful light minty taste, which I personally love.
  3. It works. This left my teeth feeling amazing and looking so clean, so shiny, and to me I saw a slight difference in shade after one application.
  4. The tooth brush is so wonderful. I loved this tooth brush! I actually tossed my tooth brush out after getting this one lol I love that it's soft but not too soft. It gets the job done and feels so good against my gums.  

Do I like it? 

All in all guys this product is worth it! I highly reccomend you go out and pick yourself up this kit, you will not regret it. The Coco Smile Uk kit will run you around $25 with both the activated charcoal and the eco friendly toothbrush. Let's be real guys, that is a killer deal! I just found out as well that they are having a huge sale! So go out and get yourself a kit before they run out. Your teeth will thank you :) 

Pick up your Coco Smike Uk kit HERE!