StorieBook Cafe| Glen Rose, TX

Usually me and the hubs bring homemade food for lunch, but yesterday we decided to head over to StorieBook for lunch and treat ourselves. It is the cutest little place that hits you right as you drive into the Glen Rose square. We've eaten their a few times and I usually get the same thing. Their Greek wrap is amazeballs!!!! I always order mine with the spinach wrap which is my fave(I'm obsessed with spinach) Today was no different I ordered the Greek wrap with a spinach wrap and the cheddar chips which I gave to the hubby. I only eat half the wrap and give the other half to Frank since I know he'll eat it and it won't go to waste lol 


He ordered the chicken bacon ranch with the herb wrap. We also ordered their soup of the day to share. We never had the spinach and cheese tortellini soup before, and all I have to say is OMG!!! Guys it was amazing!!! I have to admit that I almost didn't share lol I love soup, especially tangy tomato based soups and this was so delicious.


All their food is delicious but my fave by far is the Greek wrap. And now their delicious spinach tortellini soup! When you go to StorieBook, please expect three things, great customer service, delicious food, and super fast service! 


What I love about Storiebook besides their amazing food is the customer service. When you walk in you are instantly greeted with a warm welcome and a smile. The cafe itself is adorable! The main area is covered in wood and books. You can grab a book and eat your meal while reading a book of your choice. For book lovers like myself this place is wickedly awesome! The back area I feel is terrific for the younger kiddos as it has tons of toys and things for the little ones to entertain themselves with. 


We decided to sit in the back this time and opted for a game of checkers, which I have to mention I lost epically at lol We had a chill time eating and playing checkers. If you are ever in this neck of the woods do yourself a favor and visit StorieBook. I can guarantee you won't be dissapointed :)