90's Flash back| Style Blog

My week has been all over the place. I've been eating bad and haven't been to the gym in two days now. Yesterday I went walking and running in the neighborhood and did some crunches and squats but that's about it. Today I wont have a weight check in but in its place Ill have a mini style post. By the way don't worry I will have an updated weight loss check in tomorrow! 

I love the 90's! I mean who doesn't?! 


I am a huge fan of the 90's, I mean who isn't! The 90's had amazing clothes, music, cartoons and just a bad ass era in general! I remember when I first discovered the tattoo choker I flipped out! Back than they use to come out of the little 25 cent candy dispensers in a little clear ball. I wore them non stop. I had a love for those little chokers let me tell you. I still have quite a few of them and luckily chokers are back in and so are the 90's.

>>A Choker is such a  great accessorie<<


Oh SNAP! 90's flash back!!!

Today we are flashing back into the 90's with a denim skirt, sheer slip top, and of course a handy choker as well as some fury slides! Fur slides are huge right now. You can find them anywhere from PUMA to Payless. Denim has always and will always be huge and a good denim skirt is always important to have in your closet. I hope you like my little Flash back to the 90's! All outfit details are below as well as info on my current favorite perfume (my glasses have my prescription put in them but you can purchase the same frames on Amazon). Also make sure and come back tomorrow for my weight loss update!