Back to School & loving it| Lifestyle Blog

Life has been hectic lately. One of the things that has added to my already crazy schedule has been school. Although it has left me beyond busy, I have to say I absolutely love it! 


I never realized how much I missed school until I started college again. It has been so rewarding. I feel like I'm accomplishing something and actually getting my sh*t together! 


Let me put it like this, I get out of class and go to tutoring for 2 hours sometimes even more. After tutoring I get home eat dinner, shower, than sit on the couch and study for 1-2 hours. I get into bed around 11:45-12. I'm tired to say the least, but honestly it has been so wonderful to learn again!  


Im still working full time which is hard because I want to be able to take more classes, which unfortunately I'm unable to because of my schedule. I'm hoping that once my car is paid off I'll be able to cut down on my work hours and focus more on school. If you are on the fence about returning to school don't be! Seriously don't be scared, you are never too old to go back. Take the leap and enroll. Even if it's just one class, trust me it'll make you feel wonderful! Once you take that step it'll be easier to keep pushing yourself to more classes and on to bigger and better things. If you guys have any questions don't be shy to ask. I am always happy to help :)