Las Vegas | Travel blog | DFW Texas

I think it’s safe to say that one of my ultimate favorite things to do is travel. When I was asked to go to Vegas for a huge work convention last week I instantly said YES! I mean let’s be real who wouldn’t. Vegas has always been one of those places I’ve heard so much about and have always wanted to visit, but have never actually taken the time to go to.


I have to say that everything I have heard is true. It is just as shiny and fabulous as everyone makes it out to be. Don’t get me wrong it’s over crowded, expensive, and you’ll find yourself surround by lots of rude asses, but if you can get passed all that believe me you will have a blast! All the lights and signs make you feel like it’s straight out of a musical.


The hotels are so gorgeous, the food is freaking DELICIOUS and the slot machines, well... let’s just say I can see how people can find a gambling addiction in Vegas lol


The 4 main things I would reccomend to anyone heading to Vegas would be to 


1. Bring cash! The atms will charge $10 to take cash out and you’ll want to use those elsewhere trust me. 


2. Bring comfy shoes!!!! This is for sure one of the most important. Sneakers are a must if you are planning to walk around.

3. Don’t pay for a taxi, use Uber or the bus to get to places. If your feet aren’t swollen and blistered (I didn’t bring comfy shoes ugh) walk.


4. Plan ahead. There is so much to see and do once in Vegas that making sure to plan your time accordingly will ensure you get to see and do the majority of the stuff you NEED to do once in Vegas.


Unfortunately since I was working for the majority of the day the whole time I was their I wasn’t able to experience Vegas to the fullest. I am already planning on heading back this year and hopefully getting to do everything I wasn’t able to.


The drive up was so beautiful. Exhausting but non the less beautiful. I do recommend flying if you can unless you are planning on stopping between cities or if you have a comfortable car with some good leg room to stretch out. All in all, Vegas was a great experience and I am deff planning on heading back this year! If you haven’t been, you need to go!