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Hey guys! Today I received my Coco Smile U.K. Order! I have been so excited and patiently waiting to receive it in the mail. This thing came fast. I mean super fast! 


With your order you receive your powder mix as well as a eco friendly bamboo toothbrush.  

As soon as I got it I couldn't help but take it right out of the box and get to brushing! Their are a few things I would like to note (all positive)  


Let's break it down! 

  1. How easy it is to use. I love how it is a to the point product.
  2. Great tasting! A lot of activated charcoal powders promise great results but they taste terrible. This has a wonderful light minty taste, which I personally love.
  3. It works. This left my teeth feeling amazing and looking so clean, so shiny, and to me I saw a slight difference in shade after one application.
  4. The tooth brush is so wonderful. I loved this tooth brush! I actually tossed my tooth brush out after getting this one lol I love that it's soft but not too soft. It gets the job done and feels so good against my gums.  

Do I like it? 

All in all guys this product is worth it! I highly reccomend you go out and pick yourself up this kit, you will not regret it. The Coco Smile Uk kit will run you around $25 with both the activated charcoal and the eco friendly toothbrush. Let's be real guys, that is a killer deal! I just found out as well that they are having a huge sale! So go out and get yourself a kit before they run out. Your teeth will thank you :) 

Pick up your Coco Smike Uk kit HERE! 


Shop Thriver| Fashion Blog

Yesterday I received my package from Thriver! Guys when people say they ship extremely fast, they aren't kidding! The shipping time is super accurate. In my case I actually received my package a day early which was awesome.


I wanted to start with one piece since I wasn't sure how the items would fit me. I'm a curvy girl and sometimes when people say a large it's actually borderline sm-md. I'm always super scared to shop online because honestly I have had more bad experiences than good. I have larger chest which a lot of the time it's so hard to find cute blouses that will fit me modestly. Jeans lets not even go there lol 


I was so ecstatic to find that my item was perfect! Thrive doesn't dissapoint. If you are chesty and are worried you won't fit into their items, trust me you will! The fabrics are amazing, the detail are fabulous, and the quality is outstanding. Love, love, love! 


I opted for their bell sleeved pink with floral detail blouse and guys, I am so glad I picked this piece out! Not only does it fit me perfectly but it is so comfortable. The cut is so flattering and doesn't make my chest look weird. 


The great thing about Thriver besides their beautiful products is their amazing customer service. They are there for you the whole step of the way. They personalize their packages with adorable little notes and make sure that your package is wrapped adorably.  


If you guys are trying to find a great online shop that honestly offers you amazing products that are worth every single penny, I highly recommend Thriver!  

The lovely team at Thriver offered me a discount code for all my fabulous Readers! Take advantage of this kick ass discount and go pick yourself up a piece or even better two! Thank you Thriver for showing me there are honest online stores out their that really deliver. You can be assured you have gained a return customer :) 

Head over to and use my DISCOUNT CODE "Zarah"  and receive a 10% discount!

Exact shirt I'm wearing can be found HERE  :)

My skirt is no longer available, but similar one listed below :)

Shoes below

Adventures In New Mexico| Travel Blog

Yesterday we got home from our vacation in New Mexico. It wasn't long enough! I'm missing those views and the weather. We got home late and headed to my moms to pick up my fur babes. She was baby sitting our pups Mimi and Romie while we were on vacation. God did I miss my babies!!!

If you read my last post on ways to budget while road tripping you'd know I was planning on blogging more info on our trip!

Well here it is!

 Carlsbad, New Mexico


Our first stop was Hobbs which is a few hours away from Carlsbad. Once you get into New Mexico you hit Hobbs which I highly reccomend you stay in if you are heading to Carlsbad. Hobbs hotels are half the price and honestly pretty terrific.

We booked our hotel through Priceline and decided to stay at the Quality Inn which was one of the best we've stayed at. The moment I walked in to check in it smelled extremely clean and fresh. The front desk clerk named Natalie was beyond nice and helpful! She offered us tips on our trip to the Carlsbad Caverns as well as advice on places to eat. Our room was very nice and comfortable and had a king sized bed! The hubb is 6'2 so it's helpful lol

The Quality Inn in Hobbs has an indoor heated pool and jacuzzi which we of course used. Obviously lol


After some great sleep and some yummy breakfast (they have non watered down juice) we headed to Carlsbad. Carlsbad was our favorite part of our entire roadtrip! The Drive to Carlsbad was honestly the most beautiful drive I've ever been on. The views were breath taking and the wind was so clean and fresh. Ugh I miss it already!


When we got to the Caverns we decided to take the elevator down 750 feet below the surface. The elevator was not fun for me... I hate elevators. We went on a self guided tour which I love because you can enjoy it all and go at your own pace! We loved it so much! God was it beautiful! If I could reccomend anything on this trip it would be the Carlsbad Caverns 100%. Honestly the whole trip was terrific but those Caverns lord were they gorgeous.


The entrance is $10 per person but you can also get an extended tour for an additional $10 (we want to go back and do it!) I reccomend you bring cash just in case the credit card machine is down (which was the case for us) because they have no atm machines and the closest one is quite a distance. Also bring a backpack with water! Especially if you decide to walk it back up to the surface like us lol that was not the best idea on our end lol guys it's rough, real rough lol imagine walking up a steep zig zaggy incline for 750 feet!



Although we were dying honestly I'm so glad we did it because it was awesome to get to the bat caves and see the bats and the entry way!


This is something you need to experience at lest once. Carlsbad Caverns was awesome, we loved it!


White Sands Monument, New Mexico

Alright guys, so our next stop on our road trip was White Sands Monument! I had seen so many pictures of the White Sands Monument and I was dying to see it in person and slide down the Sand Dunes! After we left the Carlsbad Caverns we headed to our hotel in White sands. We booked another Quality Inn which was so nice as well. We got lucky and our room was practically across from the pool!!! What I loved about our Hotel in Alamogordo, NM besides how adorable the town is, is that the town is surrounded by mountains. The views were beautiful. Guys seriously so beautiful!


We got to our hotel remotely early and were dying from our climb up the cavern so we headed straight to the pool to relax. Man was it needed. We enjoyed the pool for a few hours and than went sight seeing. Than off to bed for complimentary breakfast in the morning and than off to White Sands!


White Sands has a $5 entry fee per person and over at the visitors center you can get yourself some little boards to slide down the dunes! We opted against those, we're cheap lol The sands were so beautiful! Super white and fine and cool to the touch, even with the sun. I took more pictures than I can count and also climbed a couple of the sand dunes and slid down lol it was so fun!


What we want to do next time is take the time to picnic over by the picnic area because it was so cute. White sands Monument is a place you for sure want to visit! If you have kids they will enjoy it so much! I reccomend you let them slide down the dunes it is so much fun and you won't regret it.


Roswell,New Mexico

Roswell was our last and final stop on our road trip. I have to mention I have been dying to go to Roswell since I was 13 years old. So when the hubby who has also been wanting to go to Roswell said we had time to head that way for a few hours I was beyond extatic. For a town known for its extraterrestrial activity it sure seems to be under influenced by it.


There are a handful of spots with extraterrestrial art work (seriously a handful). I was expecting tons of things on every corner and for it to be highly influenced by all the "Alien" activity. The main attraction is the Museum as well as the gift shop across from it. They also have light posts with alien eyes and their Mcdonald is in the shape of a UFO and glows at night!

Super legit Mcdonalds!


Although we were underwhelmed by Roswell we were so glad we went! I have been wanting to go for over 15 years now and can finally say I went and experienced the town :) If you have been dying to visit Roswell, I would say go to the Museum and listen to the speakers. They have amazing knowledge and history which is worth the trip on itself.


 Our Thoughts...

All in all, we had an amazing trip and I wish it was longer. A weekend was not enough what so ever. We are hoping to plan another trip soon and hopefully extended it over the weekend. Vacations are so needed to recoup. I'm a strong believer that everyone should take a vacation at least once a year to refresh and get away from the everyday stresses.

If you don't have the money or time to take an extravagant vacation, take a mini one. Mini vacations can be extremely affordable and honestly do the trick! Well guys, I hope you enjoyed my little Travel Blog and all my pictures! Let me know what your favorite vacation spot is and where you are planning on going next!


Weightloss Journey| Week 3

Today marks week 3 of my weightloss journey. I'm excited to say I lost 3 pounds! I didn't think I had since I've been eating remotely bad but I did!

>>Three more lbs down! <<

Tomorrow we head out to New Mexico and I'm going to keep track of calories and maybe work out at the hotel gym when we get back from our activities for the day.  

>>Check out yesterday's post for Travel Tips<<

My mom also got back today from Miami and told me I looked thinner which is nice. I have a very, very, long way to go, but I'm excited I have stuck to it. Well guys I'll be back to checking in on my usual wednesdays starting the following week :) 

>>Losing weight is hard & takes determination<< 

Thank you to everyone who has been following my weightloss journey and who have offered me such supportive word! 

>>Follow my weight loss journey by checking in to the blog! I post 3 times a week, sometimes more!<< 

How to Travel on a budget| Travel Blog

We are so excited!!! We have been planning for months now a trip to New Mexico to see the Carlsbad Caverns and the White Sand Monument. For one reason or another we kept having to reschedule our trip and last week we decided, no more excuses, no more interruptions, we were making it happen. We have been super stressed out and constantly busy and haven't had time to do much of anything except the occasional trip to the movies. So this is a much needed mini vacation/ getaway. 

 Everyone needs to vacation! 

We booked our hotels yesterday through PRICELINE who had the best prices out there. We are so excited! We will be pretty close to both areas (we got two different hotels since both locations are a good distance apart). We don't have much money so we try to save and budget as much as possible. Especially for a trip like this which can drain you! 

Don't let your trip Drain you, plan smartly.  

We won't be bringing our fur kids along on the trip this time, but they'll have their grandparents to watch over them while mom and dad are away for a few days lol. I'm going to have to FaceTime the babes!!!! 

"I have separation anxiety when it comes to the fur babes!" 

I know a lot of people want to go on little road trips but are tight on a budget and don't know how to save. Here are a few tips that we swear by!  

Want to save while you're on a roadtrip?Well, do I have some tips for you! 

  • 1. Booking a hotel with complimentary breakfast will save you quite a bit. It could save two people between $13-$20 depending on where you decide to eat. Meaning you could save between $23-$40 just on breakfast alone in a matter of two days. 

 Snacks always save the day!

  • 2. Bringing snacks and drinks! When we take a roadtrip, we will bring a cooler with snacks, drinks, bread, ham, and cheese. This can replace a meal out even two if you want to avoid eating out all together. So if we want to splurge and eat out we can decide if we rather have lunch out (it's cheaper than dinner) or if we rather have dinner out somewhere nice and splurge a little since we saved on breakfast. Sandwiches are yummy and can go a long way! So packing a cooler is for sure a life saver.

Don't spend it if you don't need it 

  •  3. No unnecessary spending. We will stick to our budget and not spend outside of what we decided. For us even though we budget let's say $200 on hotels we will try and aim for maybe half of that. We try and spend less even if we don't have to. So do you need that key chain? Will you find one just like it in your town? If the answer is YES, you don't need it, than don't get it. If you can find it in your hometown, than leave it.   

 Priceline will save the day 

  • 4. Hotels. We book our hotels through Priceline since they usually have terrific deals. Beyond that we are able to read reviews and see what we are getting ourselves into lol We might be cheap but we don't want a roach or bed bug motel. We want clean and safe. We don't look for fancy because realistically we are going on a vacation to enjoy what that area has to offer not the hotel room. The hotel room is for sleeping and showering and maybe to watch some late night tv. So don't over spend on a fancy hotel just because it has all the glitz. If you aren't planning on spending the majority of your time their, than find something basic and inexpensive and splurge on your activities. If you are going to spend a good amount in the hotel room and it's part of the experience (this applies to resorts) than that is different! The hotel needs to also be awesome so splurging on it will add to your experience. When it comes to resorts use coupons, Groupon and try to package to save as much as possible!

Don't just double check, TRIPPLE check! 

  • 5. Make sure to double check you have everything you need. Make sure you aren't forgetting anything. Forgetting a charger for example can be an unseen expense. We always triple check we have everything needed.

Enjoy, relax, and make memories!

  • 6. Have fun! You can road trip and have a great time in a tight budget so just enjoy and relax. Don't take things too seriously and don't worry about perfection. Focus on the memories you are making.

These are Tips we live by! Vacationing and going on road trips is something a lot of us can't always afford. It can get pricey, but if you budget and plan ahead in a smart way, it's something you can deffinetly do! Next time you go on a roadtrip try these tips and let me know what you added or did differently, and how it worked out for you :) Safe travels my friends and come back for pictures and details on our trip!